MAY 21, 2019

First Encounters with Salt Water

Hi Mom and Dad,

As I promised, here's photos from the first week feel free to share with others who are wondering how Seattle is so far. This is going to be a large email.

[JUNE 3, 2019 EDIT]

This is now including pictures from the flight because airplane photos are bomb.

The top two photos are over Milwaukee and the Delafield/Oconomowoc areas. The last was above a bunch of clouds. Least to say, beautiful as always.
Bryce asked how the ikea run went. This was my response.
So. Much. Assembly.


To start, photos from Concrete Beach and the dock next to Magnuson Brewery. This is in the Sand Point area of Seattle which is on Lake Washington. Also the site for the notorious pinecone appreciation photo. Also of important note - this restaurant has deep fried cheese curds (a find I did not expect in Seattle, but was none-the-less delighted by).

Looking east at Lake Washington.
From the dock at Concrete Beach looking at Lake Washington.
Some art at the docks.
Bryce's mother said I should step down so she could take a picture of me to send to both of you. In the process I found a pine cone. I was very excited to find said pinecone. Believe it or not, Bryce was also giving me shit for said interest. Guess that's what best friends are for.

Next, photos from Bainbridge Island. Bryce, Kim, and I got up early on Saturday and took the ferry to the island. Fun fact, they are huge, and can fit up to 202 cars. The ride is also gorgeous.

SODO (South of Downtown)  and the Industrial areas from the ferry.
Mt. Rainier and the edge of Bainbridge Island.
Looking back at downtown, Belltown, Queen Anne, and Pioneer Square.
Pulling into the docks.

Much hiking and walking ensued after the ride over.

[JUNE 3, 2019 EDIT]

Before we hiked, we went to some shops. Bryce wanted a cortado, so we stopped at a stand. They had some very punny, though badly branded bakery. Enjoy.


To start, a beach with an EPA Superfund Site. It was kind of cool. The beach squirted water from holes (later looked this up, and found out it is clams squirting up the water from the holes). Seems safe, right?

Next was Gazzam Lake Natural Area. Here, we hiked a 150ft bluff down to the shores of Puget Sound. The crabs here were cute, and if you lifted rocks, they would all scatter. Most were only a half dollar in size. Prior to the Close Trail there, I thought the Milwaukee bluffs were bad, ha! I'll get my steep hill hiking legs yet.

Last, we went to Fay Bainbridge Park to walk along the beach. There was a lot of drift here, and as with every other shore, plenty of rocks to skip. Due to my lack of prior skipping experience, I quickly became videographer for Bryce's Instagram endeavors. Views to the Cascade range - including Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker were abundant here. Fun fact: Rainier is a volcano actually, and if it blows, well, lets just say it's not good for Seattleites. Asides this, there were a lot of plovers along the shore.

Just right of the center of the photo along the skyline is Mt. Rainier. The peak pokes up through the clouds.

Last, a few photos from the ferry ride back.

Asides for this day trip, another task of the weekend was to get my portion of the apartment setup. My roommate will be moving up from Berkley June 2nd. For my part, this required assembling Ikea furniture. Many fails and laughs at said failures ensued, but in the end, we prevailed. Here's pictures of the finished product. As you may know, I love the color black and pine forests, and as such, my spaces in the apartment will carry this theme. Now to just have Bryce plot art for me at school!

String lights have since been added, and there is a bookcase next to that window. I'm sure there will be more photos to come in the future. As those pop up, I'll send them.

From Seattle, With Love,


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