JUNE 2019

Some (More) Solo Sight-seeing

Including many similar past locations such as Ravenna Park and Gasworks, this week takes on many of the same places as before.

New sights include a trip to the Nordic Museum in the Ballard area, and some apartment updates.

Discovery Park Shenanigans

Recounting explorations around Discovery Park, located just northwest of the Magnolia Park.

At 534 Acres, this park truly removes you from the city in the matter of minutes.

MAY 2019

Parks, Locks, and Chairs

Seattle explorations this week include Cowen and Ravenna Parks, as well as the Ballard Locks.


A small update from Milwaukee on the 707 Hub chairs and tables at Marquette University as well.

First Encounters with Salt Water

Settling into a city 1,300 miles away from where you grew up can be stressful, but it can be beautiful due to the same stimuli.

From Magnuson to  Bainbridge Island, the first week is recounted from the stressful to the beautiful. 

© 2019 by Erin Burkard​

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